Delayed Gratification: The Hard Way is the Right Way

Technology had always offered us convenience. A letter took more than three people to send a text of 800-1200 words, today, this task only needs a few minutes and keystrokes. A large computer that functioned as a calculator is now a portable workstation with the power to handle thousands to tens of thousands of tasks at the same time for users. Convenience to push further for other goals and objectives is the purpose of technology.

But for some people, it became a way for them to make their lives more comfortable and free from struggle. The internet just offered information at a few clicks. People became much better at finding comforts rather than improve their chances of finding struggles that would make them better individuals.

Technology allowed the modern man to comfortably burn their fat while doing other things. However, the lack of adrenaline and overall passion to fulfil something only offers mediocre results even if it is aided by technology.

People are no longer believers of delayed gratification. With lacking attention spans and concentration, individuals look more for instant gratification and results rather than expanding their patience and allowing themselves to see all the details of an event before they draw their own conclusions.

In short, people do not want to work hard anymore for their desired results.

Indeed, life had become easy, but if one does not choose the hard way, they can never improve their quality of life.

Improvisation: Developing and Cultivating Your Skills of Improving Yourself

There are those days that we find ourselves confused. There are so many things happening and we just make flash decisions based on our impulse and the lack of time. Most of these can end up having good results, depending on your perspective and your ability to improvise.

Improvisation is not an easy skill to learn because it is learned by experience. When things happen, the way you react to it and your capability to improve the situation, as the word “improvisation” implies, is what matters. In the end, results are everything and your efforts will teach you a valuable lesson.

First, when you’re faced with a confusing decision and you have considered all the pros and cons, you’ll have to make a decision and stand by it. You will only get more confused if you do not stand by your decision.

Then, be ready for any implications of your actions. Consequences always tell the truth and facing the truth brings out the best in you. Be ready to feel all the positive and negative results of your decision and give out your best effort to rationalize what is happening.

Lastly, always look at yourself at the third person. Disregard “what ifs” and instead, focus on what is right in front of you and deal with it. Make a plan as early as you can to find the results you want. However, also accept the fact that your improvisation may also fail, so the acceptance of the result is also crucial because this is the only way you could get your own peace of mind.


What Pushes Your Procrastination Further?

You have to do a school paper or submit your business analysis to your superior on Monday. Since it’s a Friday, you do deserve time off to take a load off your shoulders and relax yourself the only way you know how. Sure, it could extend until Saturday, but come Sunday night, you’re probably too tired to do your school paper or business analysis and nobody could blame you.

Two things cause procrastination. The lack of time and strength is the most obvious part. When you feel tired, your weakened physical capabilities will do little to support the mental strain your activity will need. Priorities are the second one. Your schooling or job is a priority if you are passionate about it, but if it is not worth the effort, then you would not want to do what you need to do.

However, a third reason exists; you tell yourself that you cannot do it because you lack the knowledge, concentration or mental capacity to write what you need regardless of the education you received. Probably, if you have cheated your way out of education or had someone do the essential educational parts for you, you would think this way.

But these are only probabilities. Getting everything done is your priority right now. Your fears only accelerate your need for procrastination, and it is getting you nowhere. Do not dwell on these fears. Instead, think that you need to do something.

You had a tired night during Saturday and this is your reason not to work? Sit down your study desk and write regardless of your physical and mental focus on your task. Eventually, you will produce a product.

And hey, you still have a few hours before your class or before the office opens. This is the time you could review the things you’ve done. Whatever the outcome could be, the lessons you learn from the experience will help you deal about your issues with procrastination in the future.

Cynicism and How it Could Be Very Bothersome

Being cynical about everything makes impossible things difficult to believe for a person. The lack of evidences that support the realization of a certain passionate or impossibly positive event is strongly played by the cynic in any conversation. It can be bothersome, especially if you want to improve your concentration and motivation in life.

A cynic knows his or her capabilities, endurances, weaknesses and irritations. With a complete understanding of themselves, they do not strive to improve upon their strengths and weaken their weaknesses because they lack the motivation as it is a struggle for any individual to change himself or herself. This particular lack of passion makes them feel safe from any form of pain or suffering.

Cynics, as the famous saying goes, are once romantics who were frustrated by reality and limited by it. This serves as a particular problem because the cynic finds no motivation to continue finding something positive about their lives.

To remove the inner cynic, individuals must focus on the idea that change is constant and willpower is everything. If you view cynics as people who use facts as a technical and ineffable excuse for things they believe in, you will realize they only did the disappointing activity and failed once, or even twice.

If one focuses on the fact that one can always continue to try in life and excuses mean nothing, then one could avoid cynicism and finally attain the goal that he or she had wanted for a very long time.

Time Management’s Benefits For You and Your Time

Managing your time can effectively reduce the stress you and your team could encounter in considering a project. Some teams and companies who do not enforce proper time management disciplines end up not meeting their target goals effectively. Here are a few things that time management will help your team achieve effectively.

1. Allowance
In business, the most problematic thing to ever come to pass is an unexpected change or unexpected changes in the actual business flowchart. Sometimes, new information comes in that a drastic change is needed that your team needs to address. A good time management schedule could easily fix this by allotting some time before the deadline to anticipate such changes.

2. Concentration
Concentrating on a task for a long time, especially when cramming, will not help your mental facilities process the information effectively. Concentration is highly important and you could only regain your concentration if you take regular brakes. With proper time management, you could allow time for a breather to help you and your team relax.

3. Pressure
Without a set deadline or with a tentative deadline, a team sets pressure on themselves to finish their objectives earlier or within the deadline. Pressure is an important part because it motivates people to do their work and beat their goals.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hairstyle

It’s that time of the year when you have to get a new haircut and every year, you probably feel different tastes in terms of getting the kind of hairstyle you want. Sure, you might want to have a shorter hairstyle, but it could affect your fashion sense negatively. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right kind of hairstyle for yourself.

1. Face Shape
It is essential to know your face shape because the way your locks fall on your face and its concealment of certain areas that would help you look more attractive is an important factor in a hairstyle. Comb out your hair from your face, stand in front of a mirror without an angle, and trace the shape of your face in the mirror. Common face shapes are round, square, oval, heart-shaped, triangular, diamond and long.

2. Hair Texture
The texture of your hair dictates the cut style that would improve its appearance. For long silky hair, it is advisable to add volumes, avoid bangs and opt for a side-swept appearance. Frizzy hair could appear full and bushy at the bottom, so it would be wiser to give it length, basically below the chin level. Thick hair with normal textures, rather not too wavy and curly, could go for both short or long hairstyles. Hair products could help define hair textures, so consider this before getting your final cut.

3. Haircuts and Personal Strengths
If you have a very high forehead, consider having a haircut that features stylish bang haircuts to focus attention to your eyes instead of your forehead. If you have a long neck, a longer hairstyle that stretches to your shoulders helps give it a stylish look. If you have wide ears, consider a layered and more “puffed” hairstyle.

Economic Boost Led by PPI Recompense

Economists said that PPI is better than quantitative easing and tax reductions or returns because it contributes to consumer spending physically, enabling markets and the economy to improve with new investments and continuing purchases. It further strengthens the theory that PPI had limited consumer spending in the last few years.

PPI is designed to repay consumer loans and mortgages and anybody mis sold could get back £3000 or more in compensation. For a precise calculation, make sure to consult a PPI calculator UK companies provide.

Despite the fluctuating UK economy, economists said that consumer spending became very strong. The Office of National Statistics pointed out that car registrations have jumped 13.4% in the last two quarters with more than 25,000 new car registrations in the country. Consumers are also spending more as they regain their repayments for a mis sold insurance policy.

In total, the financial industry had paid out a total of £11 billion for PPI refunds. Consumer confidence had increased as new downpayments for vehicles and other financing had also increased.

Anybody has the right to make a PPI claim. Always ensure you get proper legal counsel and expert help in getting back all your PPI claims. Consult a PPI calculator company today.

The Importance of Setting Goals

One of the many reasons people become depressed is because they lack an end goal in sight. People become possibly depressed because they did not get what they want, or they found themselves having nothing to want. Goals, regardless of how much sense they give you, are very important.


1. A Reason to Become Something
By having goals, you have a reason to become something that you could not have imagined yourself to be. Your entire body snaps into motion to fulfil that goal. In the first few steps, you might need to pull yourself to do the things that you need to do for your goal. Once it becomes natural, you just do it naturally.

2. Motivation
Your goals do not have to be something big; you could start small. Walking 100m daily across your neighbourhood to lose weight is not an easy task for those just beginning to get in shape. Remember, all good things start small.

3. It Isn’t Easy
When things become difficult, that is when you know you are doing the right thing. Difficulty helps you develop certain skills, abilities and workarounds because of the lack of equipment, knowledge, or forethought. Achieving your goals is never easy, but this is what makes a goal very rewarding in itself.

Having Employees Stay in Your Business

Everyone has to admit that the economy is not looking at its best this year and not so in the following years. Most companies have underemployed people. It is highly important that business proprietors know how to make their employees stay in their business. Here are a few things they could try out.

1. Weekly Challenges
When your company grows as a team, your people continually grow attachment to your business. If not for the business, it would be the satisfaction in being in one. Top performing employees love being challenged if they are given the right rewards. The more you try to stir things up avoiding repetitive work, the better.

2. Attitude
Employees know they can be rewarded if they perform well for this month or for the following month, but if business proprietors reward them for their attitude, it could put them on a positive poll. When people become positive, they learn things much easier as well.

3. Leading Places to Work
Target to have your company become the local or remote winning team in the business world. If you become one of the leading places to work even in your location, you could motivate your employees to stay and engrave it in their pride to ensure your company is the leading company in the business.

4. Empowerment
Every employee appreciates it when their superiors allow them to use their best judgement. You might have the final say, but if you give the employees to make their decisions, they would appreciate it highly. It is also important that they are responsible for the outcome as well

How Much Protein in a Daily Diet

Protein is created from amino acids, which help restore, repair or improve certain parts of the human body. Protein makes up at least 16% of the total body weight. Almost every part, including every organ and cell in the body is made up of protein. However, even if the body reuses protein effectively, the body consumes them completely from time to time. So how much protein do you need to say that you’re healthy?

If you are eating eggs daily, even once or twice, you have an adequate supply of protein. If you eat meat on a daily basis, you also have enough amino acids that form into protein in your body. A male with an average weight of 150 pounds could eat 55 grams of protein daily. Multiplying the total body weight with the fixed multiplicand of 0.37 for the protein mass, is helpful if you want to know the protein you need for your diet.

However, if you are pregnant or you are an athlete, you’ll need more protein in your diet. If you consume 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein on a daily basis for every kilo of body weght you have, you build enough muscle to sustain your strength. Pregnant women need to consume 10 grams in the later part of pregnancy.

When people do not eat enough protein, the body would start breaking down the muscle to sustain energy within just a day or two. Increased protein and pure calories could help you build muscle if you are focusing on the field.


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